12- Unbelievable Benefits of Hugs :

Hugging goes beyond affection to  physical and biological levels . It has power to reduce pain , as well as stress and anxiety . So whenever a friend of yours seemes unwell , the best thing to do for them is to afford them a hug .

The author of 12keys to a healthier cancer patient , Patrick Quillin confessed that the fact of hugging has succeeded in providing pain relief , reducing mood disturbance and fatigue . Besides its ability to replace medications of pain , this simple action is as important as any other nutrient .

Before you go out to celebrate the National Hugging Day on Jan 21 with people you love , you’d better have a look at the incredible benefits of huggin, here .

1- Hugs and Stress Relief :


According to Gina Marie Guarino , ML,LMHD , founder of psycho point , hugging can decrease stress if it is practiced every day, and it is proved basing on a 2014 study .

Hugging provided affectionate support for the participants which helped them feel well mentally, and enabled them to confront  stress  of everyday life .

2- Reduction of Anxiety :


The best medicine when feeling anxious is a warm hug from someone who truly cares about you . This is confessed by two young Asian coworkers talking , and confirmed by the certified medical acupuncturist and head of acupuncture of Jerusalem , Jamie Bachrach .

 According to Bachrach if you are embraced in a hug daily , the likelihood of suffering from stress , and tensed emotions is less compared with the others who don’t .

3-Hugs and Children’s Health :


When adults provide love affection , and care for their children , they become able to confront neglecting and childhood maltreatment, according to Amy Rick .MD of ‘your doctors online’.

The examining of warmth provided by parents and careers on one side, and childhood abuse on the other side proved that hugging gives a sort of protection from future risks for blood vessels and other problems like heart disease , according to  2013 study published in the Proceeding of the negative National Academy of Science of United States of America (PNAS).

Besides the psychological results , childhood abuse leads also to physical ones , such as obesity , blood pressure and heart disease in the adulthood . on the other hand physical affections expressed as hugs in any relationship of love are able to decrease such unwanted health risks .

4- Hugs and Cold Prevention :


If you are one of those people who receive embraces and frequent clasped arms around him , then you won’t get much illness and cold . Bachrach  emphasized this point and said that if you don’t often get hugged , then you are more likely to be sick and get a cold from those who do frequently hugging .

5 -Hugs and Pain Reduction :


Reducing pain and feeling comfortable is due to the activation of Opioid receptors in the brain by the endorphin which is agitated by touch and hugs , according to Bachrach this benefit was proved and agreed on by a 2014 study published in the journal HOLISTIC NURSING PRACTICE , stating that Fibromyalgia –a pain and stiffness in the muscles – can be reduced just by therapeutic or hugging .

6- Hugs and Neck & Shoulder Pain :


If you want to feel well-being and relaxed , just try to get a hug , because it triggers the flow of dopamine in the brain which leads to relaxed feelings later on , according to Jeep Noam DO , a family practitioner from Wheeling West Virginia Hugging .

Noam explained the effect of hugging on the neck and shoulders by the decreasing of blood pressure in the nerves and vessels , thus improving the movement of muscle chain , which helps stopping the pain .

7- Hugs and Oxytocin :


The love hormone or Oxytocin is the reason behind making people feel happy , and well , the production of this hormone is triggered by displays of intimacy and hugs . So when you  are hugged your body produces a lot of oxytocin instead of Cortisol – hormone of stress- , according to Anna Cabeca , D O .

8- Hugs and Blood Pressure :


If you want to reduce chronic health and heart disease risk , you have to avoid blood pressure causes , and the best way to do so is through hugging because it triggers a lot of Oxytocin which helps lowering blood pressure , basing on a study performed on 2005 published in Biological Psychology .

9- Hugs and Heart Rate Reduction :


Feeling of stress and anxiety reflect the raise of blood pressure , muscle tine , heart and respiratory rate , these problems are due to high amount of epinephrine  produced by the adrenal gland , thus decreasing stress and anxiety reduces all these risks .

On the other hand feeling relaxed and well –being reflect a low blood pressure and low heart rate , due to low epinephrine , and all these processes done simply by a hug .

10-  Hugs and Conflict Rsolution :


According to a study performed in 2018  and published in the journal PLS , hugging decreases negative mood and increases conflict resolutions . This point was explained by Guarino saying that hugging triggers positive feelings to take place when having a conflict , in parallel , decreasing negative ones.

11-  Hugs and Existential Cricis :


 Try to  go  in for a hug when it seemed like nothing can relieve those big pictures  about morality and purpose that, occasionally, pop up in your mind . You can deal with existential  concerns more affectively , thanks to interpersonal touches and hugging .

12- Hugs and Pets :


According to Quillin , pet owners have a good health due to the hugging and touching actions between then and their pets , and experts of the field agree on this hugging benefits , although there is a lack of specific studies on the link between human health , and hugging pets .