10 winter anti-virus reflexes

To avoid well-known winter viruses (flu, colds, gastroenteritis), simple actions and natural remedies are to be adopted on a daily basis.

1.Wash your hands

gray steel faucet

Washing your hands is essential to flush out viruses and ward off infections. Remember to wash your hands after going to the bathroom, after taking public transportation, before eating, and after being in contact with a sick person.

2. Air your home

sunlight passing through open windows

Ventilating your home by opening your windows helps renew the air and drives out germs. This is all the more essential when a family member is sick. 10 minutes a day in each room is enough to make the air healthier.

3. Clean daily objects

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The computer, the telephone, the door handles, etc. are vectors of virus. Passing a wet wipe or cloth dampened with disinfectant on all these objects regularly helps prevent the spread of viruses, especially if someone is already sick in the family.

4. Use hydro-alcoholic gel

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When you have no water or soap, you must have the hydroalcoholic gel reflex. To do this, be sure to slip a pocket-size bottle into your handbag so that you always have it with you: with children, in public transport, in shopping centers …

5. Diffuse essential oils

person holding amber glass bottle

Some essential oils are antiviral, such as the essential oil of tea tree, ravintsara, radiated eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemon and palmarosa. They can be disseminated (provided they are diluted for some) or applied locally. Please note, they are contraindicated in pregnant women and children under the age of 7.

6. Stock up on vitamin C

bunch of orange fruits

Vitamin C will help the body get rid of it if there is an installed virus. Citrus fruits and acerola are rich in this vitamin: acerola contains 10 to 40 times more than orange. Vitamin C boosts the body and activates the immune system.

7. Use disposable tissues

Tissues, although a good ecological alternative, are nests for bacteria and microbes. Conversely, the disposable handkerchief is hygienic if it is thrown away immediately after use. It is therefore recommended to use the latter in the event of a virus already installed.

8. Wash at high temperature

white washer and dryer

In a risky period, when viruses proliferate, it is better to raise the temperature of the detergents, ideally between 60 and 90 ° C, especially with regard to bedding and clothes that withstand high temperatures.

9. Avoid getting cold

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It may seem obvious, but the cold weakens the body, resulting in viruses that can more easily enter our tissues. The cold also allows viruses to survive longer: in the event of a declared illness, the advice is therefore to stay warm.

10. Make eucalyptus and ravintsara its allies

close-up photo of green-leafed plant

To kill viruses in case of illness of a family member, fumigation of eucalyptus or ravintsara is effective. Boiling without a lid or burning eucalyptus leaves in a room can help clear the air.